Community Benefits

Community benefit


Community benefits that fulfil our placemaking aims can be delivered through:

Skills-based volunteering

Providing skilled volunteers to provide specific assistance/guidance to local organisations and their staff such as web design, photography, gardening, joinery, and other trade related skills.

Training skills transfer

The provision of training, and mentoring. These can be delivered to members of the Leith and north Edinburgh community, Harbour Homes’ tenants or employees of Harbour Connections’ partner organisations. Examples could include accredited training or mentoring to increase an individual’s capability.

Materials & resources

Harbour can purchase materials at reduced cost or suppliers can hold excess materials of value to local organisations. Examples could include refurbishment materials, paint, shelving, kitchens, or bathrooms.

Are you eligible for community benefits?

Groups based or working in Leith or north Edinburgh may be eligible to receive community benefits.

Requests for community benefits can be made by groups based or working in Leith or north Edinburgh. Groups must have an income of less than £1M.

Groups that aim to deliver at least three of the following outcomes may be eligible for community benefits.

Helping residents of Leith and North Edinburgh to:

  • Be more confident
  • Have more opportunities to connect with others
  • Be more aware of services or facilities and how to access them
  • Have increased skills and knowledge
  • Have a better understanding of how to participate in the community and how to take a lead
  • Feel more able to address issues which affect their health
  • Feel less socially isolated
  • Be better able to exercise their rights
  • Develop skills, resources, and confidence to achieve their goals
  • Feel more connected to their community (of interest or place)
  • Have good quality local spaces to meet, work and play

We cannot provide community benefits to groups which:

  • Fund local, regional or government institutions to deliver core or statutory responsibilities
  • Promote religion
  • Support a political party or party-political activities
  • Run activities which do not deliver benefits to residents of areas EH5, EH6 or EH7.

This is not an exhaustive list and may be amended.

It can be more productive if someone with an overview of the whole organisation or group’s needs is involved in considering what is required.

It may be that you are not sure if what you are looking for can be covered by community benefit, we happy to have a chat to explore how we might be able to help a local group.

We are often approached by groups asking for community benefits to deliver building or refurbishment work. We would like to help everyone; we only tend to have a few such community benefits each year.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in accessing community benefits. We’ll be in touch within five working days.