Knit your own leg warmers!

Photo of yellow and multi-colour knitted leg warmers.

One of our tenants, Jemima Morton, has created a knitted leg warmer pattern which could come in handy during the cold winter months. We’ve shared Jemima’s pattern on this page, but if you would prefer to download and print a copy please click the button below.

Download knitting pattern

Pattern designed by Jemima Morton

What you’ll need

Photo of wool used to make leg warmers.

  • The wool I used for these leg warmers was: Malabrigo Worsted Aran weight Fluo Green (010) other colours available. From Wool Warehouse online. Price £9.99 for 100g.
  • And multi colour yarn is: Hand dyed wool UK Aran weight, Bluefaced Leicester wool, colour name Prism – now sold out.  Other colours available. From Etsy shop Speckle and Stripe. Price £18.00 for £100g. There are many other Aran weight yarns available at very reasonable prices online or in shops.
  • 5mm knitting needles
  • 4mm knitting needles

How to knit the leg warmers

Photo of a leg warmer being knitted.

The pattern is very easy. Made for an average calf width around 14 inches.

  • Using 5mm knitting needles cast on 54 stitches in fluo green
  • Continue in rib stitches – K1 stitch, P1 stitch, on all rows for 3¼ inches
  • Join in the multi-colour yarn still using the 5mm needles
  • K 1 row
  • P next row and increase to 60 stitches on this row, evenly across the row.
  • K 12 rows stocking stitch (knit 1 row and purl one row)
  • Row 13 (a knit row) – increase 2 stitches on this row.  How to do that; K4, increase 1, knit to last 5 stitches increase 1, K4. = 62 stitches
  • Row 14 – purl
  • K6 rows stocking stitch (knit 1 row and purl one row)
  • Next row increase by 2 stitches same as row 13.
  • K 6 rows (stocking stitch)
  • Continue stocking stitch until required measurements.
  • I continued for 25 rows.  On the 24th row (a knit row) decrease 4 stitches evenly across.
  • Next – change back to fluo green and 4mm needles and rib 7 rows (that is K1, P1 across the row)
  • Change back to 5mm needles
  • Continue rib for 24 rows and on row 24 decrease 4 stitches evenly across.
  • Rib 8 more rows if needed.  You can adjust the length of the rib section here for your size.  Do a few more rows if needed or do less.
  • P 1 row.
  • Cast off.  Make 2.

To sew seams

  • When you changed colours you will have a couple of strands of wool and you can sew them in when sewing the seams. Pick them up when sewing along just for a few stitches then cut off the ends.
  • Use a darning needle with an eye big enough for your yarn.  Take a length of yarn starting with the green for the cuffs and the multi-colour for the main part.  With the right sides together sew the seams.
  • Turn the right way round and you can turn over the top ribbing or you can leave it all the way up.
  • As this is 100% wool I recommend hand wash only.  Warm water and mild detergent.  These two wools I used do not shrink if washed this way.  If using other yarns follow the washing instructions on the labels.
  • For casting on and casting off; and rib and stocking stitch there are tutorials on youtube if you want to learn.

Send us your pictures!

If you give Jemima’s knitted leg warmers a go, please share your photos with us! Email with your photos. Many thanks to Jemima for sharing this pattern with us.