Ending your tenancy

If you’re planning to end your tenancy with us, we’ll need 28 days’ notice in writing. You can do this by completing the form on the back of our leaflet, which also explains the steps you’ll need to take before you go. The leaflet can be downloaded below or collected from our office.

Ending your tenancy

A few things to check

Before you go

  1. Check that your rent is fully paid
  2. Please reinstate any changes you made, unless otherwise agreed
  3. Be sure to remove all your belongings
  4. Please remove floor coverings, unless otherwise agreed
  5. Check the property is clean and tidy
  6. Take a note of your final meter readings


Please return all keys by 12.00pm on or before the day you move out. This is important, as rent will continue to be charged until all keys have been handed over.

If you have ended your tenancy and rent is still owed, please contact us to discuss paying your arrears. Please note, if you leave a council or housing association home owing rent, this may affect your prospects of being accepted for a new home if you have not made arrangements to clear these. Please get in touch if you would like  an up-to-date rent statement.

You do not need to supply your final meter readings to us, but it is a good idea to take a note of these before you move out. We do ask that you leave us details of your gas and electricity supplier, including your meter serial numbers. You can usually find these on the front of your meter, or in your energy statement.

Please bear in mind, we may recharge you for any specified decoration or repairs that are left unfinished. If in doubt, please ask us.