Looking for a new home?

Move to another Harbour Homes property

If you wish to move to another Harbour Homes property, you will need to make sure that you have completed an EdIndex form to allow you to bid for properties that are available. We advertise 10% of our properties with priority for Harbour Homes customers wishing to move to another Harbour Homes property, but you can apply for any suitable property advertised for a ‘mover’.

Mutual exchange

A mutual exchange with another council or housing association tenant can sometimes be a quicker way of finding a new home. You can find a possible exchange partner by visiting the House Exchange website which is free of charge and allows you to search for suitable properties.

When you find a suitable property, both you and your exchange partner will need to complete an application form for a mutual exchange, which can be downloaded below. We will ask for a reference from the other landlord, and we would typically only approve an exchange if you have a clear rent account.

Mutual exchange application form