Harbour Homes Rent Consultation

Rent Consultation 2024-25

Our annual rent consultation is underway, and you are invited to share your views with us. This review helps us to assess how much rental income will be required in 2024/25 to achieve balance between keeping rents affordable and maintaining your home.

This year’s rent review takes into account:

  • Affordability for tenants
  • Rents set by other housing associations and the council
  • Income required to repair and improve properties and maintain our services

Steps taken to keep rents affordable in the last year included:

  • Capping the rent rise at 3% when inflation / the Retail Price Index (RPI) topped 14%
  • Lowering staffing costs through a voluntary redundancy programme
  • Stopping future development after the completion of our Granton development in 2024


For the purposes of rent setting, we use the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations’ definition. This aims to ensure that, on average, people on moderate incomes (just above the typical qualifying levels for Housing Benefit) should not have to spend more than 30% of their income on rent.

The term affordable will mean different things to different people.

We would like your views on the proposed rent increase options for 2024/25. Your feedback will be included in our report to the Board of Management for their consideration when approving the level of rent increase for next year.

As a thank you, you will be invited to enter our £100 prize draw at the end of the questionnaire.

If you would like to make your views known to us, please click the button below to fill out our questionnaire no later than Friday 27 October. This will also be sent to you by post if you would prefer to share your views by letter.

We will let you know of the new rent charge no later than 28 February 2024.

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