Repot your plants with us!

Photo of a small indoor plant.

Do you have a houseplant or two that could use a little bit of care? Let us help! We’re hosting a free plant repotting workshop in the Harbour Homes garden on Friday 8 September.

Bring along any houseplants that could use a bigger pot or some fresh soil, and we’ll help you repot them with ease. We also have a small number of free plants to give away!

Why take part?

It can be tricky to repot houseplants, especially if you don’t have a garden or a balcony. We want to help your houseplants thrive, because we know how much joy they can bring.

We’ll provide the soil (which means no need for you to store a big bag at home), tools and some spare pots (please bring along your preferred pot if you have one, as numbers are limited!). Bring your plants along to 108 Constitution Street on Friday 8 September any time between 12pm – 2pm.